Hako-Med Electromedical Healing and Pain Relief
Soothing Wave Form Therapy

Peripheral nerve and spinal cord stimulation has been used since 1965 to treat chronic and intractable pain. Since then there has been significant physiologic research and advances in technology. Stimulation of specific nerve fibers is known to be frequency and amplitude dependent. Type specific endorphin levels can be varied by frequency and intensity changes. The neurotransmitters serotonin, acetylcholine, norepinephrine and dopamine are also affected by electrical stimulation.


Pain Relief Clinics, MD uses an internationally patented technology, known as Hako-Med, for pain relief. Hako-Med is the most advanced tool in the field of bioelectric medicine. For example, it has been proven to eliminate over 80% of pain in osteoarthritis of the knee. Hako-med essentially works by using a combination of AM and FM radio wave frequencies, which neutralize pain and stimulate repair by resonating with the area of injury. This non-invasive modality is safe, effective, and easy to use and has no negative side effects.

How it Works

Whereas a typical TENS unit creates a distraction from pain, Hako-Med actually increases energy in the body to promote healing and recovery from injury at the cellular level causing changes to the cellular membrane enhancing healing. Many e-stim therapy units create mechanical electrical stimulation to the muscle, but the highly sophisticated technology, developed by German engineering also works at the cellular membrane in a wide area. This equipment allows the physician the choice of 200 pre-programmed protocols or the ability to develop and write specific customized protocols based on specific needs for our patients specific problems or injuries and prcmd’s patient parameters. Clinical indications and usages of Hako-Med technology include chronic pain, sports injuries in youth and adults, muscular dysfunction (e.g., atrophy, range of motion limitations, spasms, weakness, etc.), peripheral nerve pain, poor circulation, post-traumatic injuries, and post-surgical pain and prevention of thrombophlebitis. Hako-Med can be used in conjunction with, in alternation to, or independently from any other therapy. A typical treatment session can last anywhere from 10 to 50 minutes. When used alone, the recommended protocol for Hako-Med is three times weekly for 2 weeks then re-evaluated. However, when used in combination with other therapies, Hako-Med works synergistically to accelerate the healing response and reduce recovery time.


One being a patient whose foot was amputated to the point of hanging by a flap of skin, in which his swelling and pain had not been responding to the typical therapeutic regime.

The effects of the Hako-Med Horizontal Therapy, along with proprietary protocols developed and written by this clinic, help to make the dramatic changes that our patients are seeking. To mention a few our success includes increased speed of healing for post-surgical joint surgery of the hips, knees and feet.

  • Healing following knee joint replacement that had not improved as expected seven months following surgery.
  • A fifty percent improvement in Doppler studies of a patient being readied for bilateral amputation was observed following one treatment. This patient’s feet were 50% black from dead tissue and almost no blood supply. Within two days following the treatment there was pink skin where the tissue had not died.
  • One patient who’s foot had been swollen for 9 months following foot surgery to the point she was still wearing the post surgical foot wrap, because she could not get her foot into any shoe. The swelling was re-measured on the second visit and was dramatically reduced by inches following the first treatment. Further treatment reduced the leg, ankle and foot to normal.
  • One elderly lady who was suffering from a frozen shoulder due to the pain from torn rotator cuff muscle had dramatic reduction in pain and motion following a series of treatments.

If your results are not proceeding according to plan or as you expected, give us a call.

No two conditions are alike and no two responses are the same. Our expectations for positive outcomes on difficult cases exceed what we use to look for on less effective electroceutical medicine. For the past seven years we have been amazed by the results patients have received from the Hako-Med horizontal wave therapy over other electrical stimulation equipment we have used.

About the Inventor

After 30 years of work in the area of electromedicine, Dr. Hansjürgens is considered one of the world’s foremost scientists in the field. As global CEO and Head of Product Research and Development for Nemectron GmbH, Dr. Hansjürgens helped develop Interferential Therapy, patented his own Endosan Therapy, and developed the Electric Differential Therapy (EDT) classification system. In 1991, Dr. Hansjürgens discontinued work at Nemectron and founded Hako-Med to further develop the full potential of the science. Since then he has continued to work expanding the EDT classification system and developing the internationally patented Horizontal Therapy.