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adult & youth sports

PRCMD youth sportsHaving been a lay coach for over 20 years, I have seen young athletes who have pushed their young bodies as if they were adults. This has an accumulating effect on the growing joints, ligaments, and muscle. Some is good and promotes growth, but when they push their bodies to excess damage occurs. Scar tissue forms, then shrinks but does not go away. Over time the athlete starts loosing flexibility, quickness and reaction time. You cannot medically treat a youth as you do an adult with cortisone and since our bodies heal faster when we are young, many injuries may seem to have healed, but in fact the scar tissue remains, building with each successive injury.

Science has learned that the nerve conduction with very mild muscle contraction helps cause the scar tissue to align itself linear and in the direction of the muscle and tendon, minimizing the effect of the scar tissue. All trainers and most sports enthusiasts know the acronym R.I.C.E: Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. It is well known that healing really starts after the inflammation is stopped, reduced and the blood flow and lymphatic’s can start the healing process. What most people don’t know is the importance of Electrical stimulation that really works. After being in practice for 15 plus years I had decided the effect on healing with all e-stim units was hardly worth the time. Please read the section on electric wave form therapy on this site.