We View Every Patient as an Individual

We sometimes think about how the medical profession and the community treat pain patients. Too often persons seeking treatment for pain are treated with disdain, suspicion, or outright hostility. Among too many professionals there is the view that people seeking relief from pain are abusing drugs, manipulating the system, or just downright unsavory characters. Doctors, pharmacists, and other health professionals have been cautioned and regulated so much that many often have a bias against pain patients. The political and legal systems target the end users of legal and illicit users of drugs rather than the sources.

Individual Medication Management

At Pain Relief Clinic, MD our entire staff strives to view each person as and individual and to regard each one with compassion and consideration. Of course we follow the strict guidelines as required by law, but with understanding that medication management in some patients may be necessary. With this said we will not tolerate drugs seekers and verify through the computer bank what other prescriptions and medications patients are taking. We also perform drug screening on all patients as required by law!

Treating the Whole Patient

At Pain Relief Clinic, MD our program treats the whole patient. We do a physical examination and a vitamin and mineral analysis is available to get a complete picture of what factors may be causing or contributing to the pain. We also provide treatment for vitamin and mineral deficiencies, dietary modification, and recommend lifestyle changes to improve health and reduce chronic pain.

For patients that have become dependent and are trying to stop the need for narcotic medications we are able to assists through our Combination-Therapy™ the weaning of dependency without the typical withdrawal symptoms. You will find that the medications work better at lower dosages until they are only needed occasionally or not at all.