We Help You Recover Fast

If you have been involved an accident, Pain Relief Clinic, MD can help.
Our team of professionals, who specialize in treating accident injury victims, will help you recover fast.

Auto Accident

After an auto accident and before the pain sets in, it is imperative that you receive treatment, so that your injuries do not become worse than they already are. Since we specialize in personal injury treatment and have a lot of experience treating accident related injuries, we can set up a treatment plan dedicated just for you. We utilize an approach to ensure that you receive comprehensive, accurate diagnostic care and high- quality treatment options, to speed up your recovery and promote optimal healing.

Personal Injury

Our auto accident doctor and personal injury team provides accurate documentation and works closely with your auto accident attorney to ensure that your case is resolved properly. If you do not have a personal injury attorney, Pain Relief Clinic, MD can recommend one for you. We work in conjunction with other personal injury doctors who specialize in personal injury, that we may refer you to, when deemed necessary. Regarding payment for your treatment, our clinic will accept a lien with your personal injury attorney, and we will delay payment until your case is resolved.