What Sets Us Apart From Other Back Pain Clinics

While many back pain clinics offer one or two forms of treatment for back pain, we offer all the top successful back pain treatment options at one place including Spinal Decompression, spinal manipulations, along with medication, facet & nerve root injection, and physical therapy. This allows us to provide all your back care up to surgery which is rarely a needed option. We are able to perform all conservative approaches at one location. We start with the most conservative care possible for a specific patient and introduce other procedures as necessary.

Injections For Immediate Back Pain Relief

While we strive to provide our patients with long term back pain relief, we understand the need to treat the immediate pain. We employ both standard and unconventional injection medicine for immediate back pain relief. It is simply a matter of what works best for the patient. From the moment a patient walks through our door, our goal is to get their immediate pain under control and get them on the road to long term back pain relief.

All back pain treatments in one place

People’s lives are busier now than ever. Why drive to one doctor or facility for medication management, then to another for therapy and yet another for physical therapy or manipulation? We understand that time lost from work is a concern to our patients. We strive to be an all-inclusive back pain treatment clinic and very rarely need to refer a patient elsewhere; however, if we think you would respond better at another specialty clinic we are open to working with any reputable facility!


What Sets Us Apart From Other Back Pain Clinics

At Pain Relief Clinic, MD we see you, the patient as a whole entity as we focus on what is causing your back pain. We want to know, is your back pain muscle related, nerve, joint, disc, or related to an internal problem. Is your back pain related to an internal organ problem expressing itself through the back or a combination of all the aforementioned? Is it a first time problem, recurrent or chronic? Is it related to an injury, surgery, or repetitious daily activities that have created or exacerbates the pain? Every person’s back pain is unique to them and needs to be treated specifically by a practitioner who understands pain conditions. We have found the more comprehensive the treatment plan, the more positive the response of the patient. At Pain Relief Clinic, MD we pride ourselves in providing the best pain management in Atlanta.