Each season brings its own weather that can directly affect how you and others are driving on Georgia roads. Just like anything else, your car should be given routine check ups and small maintenance to make sure that it is working at its best. As you may have already noticed, Georgia has been getting a lot of roads and this is making conditions less safe than they already are. On top of negligent drivers, who may not be paying attention, texting, driving too fast etc. Bad road conditions add a whole new level to all of this. Below are some tips that can help you when being caught on the road in these Georgia rains.

Inspect Tires: It is important to have the right tires for the road. Be sure to inspect the current condition of your tires and make sure that they have adequate tread. If you are unsure, any tire shop could let you know how much thread is left or when you might need new tires. It is also important to have your tires rotated and to have the correct amount of tire pressure in them. Drivers should refer to the tire pressure sticker on the car door jam or the manufactures specifications for that tire.

Check your Brakes: Depending on what type of material your brakes are made of can determine how long they will last. This can be anywhere from 25,000 to 75,000 miles and the amount of material left on your pads needs to be known. If your brakes are squeaking or making noise that sounds like metal on metal, it is most likely time for new brake pads, and you should take your car to a brake professional immediately.

Check your Lights: Burned out headlights, taillights or blinkers is a common thing and can be very hazardous when not working properly. Have a friend help you check your break lights and do a routine check of your own lights and blinkers, to make sure they are not out and are working for when you need it the most.

Our last tip is to avoid driving in the rain whenever possible. If you do not need to be on the roads or can wait until inclement weather has stopped, do that. This will reduce the odds of an accident and will keep you safer.

We hope these tips will be helpful in keeping you safer on the roads. If you have been involved in an auto accident and do need treatment for your injuries, we can help. If you need legal representation from a personal injury attorney, we can also connect you with a reputable law firm who specializes in personal injury cases.

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