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pain following surgery

Most people understand that swelling and some pain are to be expected following surgery, however to many times this takes too long to heal which allows the formation of scar tissue and especially in joints restriction of motion that can last a very long time. The scar tissue that forms essentially will remain throughout one’s life but shrink. It is known in any injury that the quicker the swelling and information goes down the faster the healing and more complete the recovery without negative side effects.

If your pain and swelling seems to be taking longer than expected, we can help. If your results are not proceeding according to plan or as you expected, give us a call.

The very same thing is true for all sports injuries. Read Wave form therapy on our site for more information.

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One being a patient whose foot was amputated to the point of hanging by a flap of skin, in which his swelling and pain had not been responding to the typical therapeutic regime.

  • Healing following knee joint replacement that had not improved as expected seven months following surgery.
  • A fifty percent improvement in Doppler studies of a patient being readied for bilateral amputation was observed following one treatment. This patient’s feet were 50% black from dead tissue and almost no blood supply. Within two days following the treatment there was pink skin where the tissue had not died.
  • One patient who’s foot had been swollen for 9 months following foot surgery to the point she was still wearing the post surgical foot wrap, because she could not get her foot into any shoe. The swelling was re-measured on the second visit and was dramatically reduced by inches following the first treatment. Further treatment reduced the leg, ankle and foot to normal.
  • One elderly lady who was suffering from a frozen shoulder due to the pain from torn rotator cuff muscle had dramatic reduction in pain and motion following a series of treatments.